Friday, June 22, 2007


It was raining since last seven days in this small town amidst the lovely mountains. Rain which never seemed to stop. "How can it rain so much" said sid, who was one of those forty people who were stranded as the roads were flooded. "Its all we humans, we cut trees kill animals, it is all coming back to us, god has a way to make everyone pay for his penance" commented the driver of the bus. The weather was gloomy inside, as it was closing on to be thirteen hours since the bus got stuck. Some people were playing cards, some were snoozing while some were praying for the rain to stop.

It so happens always that a small community is formed whenever a group of people travel together. It becomes a small society participating in a interesting social experiment. It becomes a small story telling affair, as everyone longs to tell theirs and listen to others. Some people are oblivious to it, while some people are so engrossed in it. It seems like another parallel life for them, where they can be whatever they want to be and whatever they couldn't. How much of it is truth? No one cares and it doesn't matter much.

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